Optimizing cross-cut solutions from Stromab

TR450 with Matrix

Optimizing cross-cut saw Stromab TR450

TR450 with Matrix, combines the reliability of a pneumatic cutoff saw, with an ascending blade and electronic push feed system, with a rack and pinion guide system and a motor system featuring a brush less motor and planetary reduction unit, along with a precision encoder.

  • 3 versions for 3 integrated solutions: BASE/OPTI/OPTI PLUS
  • BASE: developed for those working with uniform-length materials, with work pieces loaded individually or in bundles. 3 optimization options (Maximum length, Sequence, Board sequence)
  • OPTI: function enabling the automatic measurement of the work piece being cut. Optimum solution for those working with variable-length materials, with work pieces loaded individually or in bundles.
  • 6 optimization options (Maximum length, Sequence and Board sequence, Volume, Minimum waste, Priority).
  • OPTI PLUS: mark detection function which guarantees complete optimization and the elimination of knots and defects. Marking in fluorescent chalk.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 12” touch screen controller (resolution 800×600), USB port, Ethernet port, LINUX operating software, Capable of storing up to 10000 cutting lists, Carbide blade, Pneumatic lifting of the pusher at the end of the cycle and overhead return at the beginning of the cycle.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: OPTI function, OPTI PLUS function, pneumatic clamp, out-feed table extension, Trap door for disposing of trimmed material from headpiece and scraps, loaders, Supplementary Carbide blade, push feed system lengths up to 14000 mm. longer, label printers, Ink-jet printers and rapid-cylinder unloader.