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Vertical hydraulic frame clamp for windows and doors. The vertical beams easily slide from side to side while the vertical and horizontal clamping cylinders have quick locking mechanisms and counter balance weights for easy and quick setting.

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  • 3m x 2m capacity
  • Vertical frame clamp with one fixed and one moveable longitudinal pressure beam.
  • 3 x Vertical beams each with hydraulic cylinder with 150mm stroke. Each with spring balance unit.
  • 2 x Horizontal hydraulic pressure cylinders with 120mm stroke, positioned on moveable longitudinal pressure beam.
  • 3 x vertical beams fitted with adjustable lower support plates
  • Hydraulic controls for vertical / horizontal clamping pressure and clamping activation positioned on the left hand of the machine
  • Hydraulic pump unit with 1.5hp motor.
  • Thrust for each cylinder KG 2500
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  • Extra vertical beam and cylinder
  • Extra horizontal cylinder
  • Couple of spacers for small frames
  • Extra frame length each 500mm
  • Extra frame height each 500mm (up to 2500mm)
  • On / off tap for hyd. cylinders
  • Tilting device for inclined frame (each cylinder)
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