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A heavy duty automatic hydraulic upstroke crosscut saw suitable for programmable and repetitive cutting of engineered timber with in feed loading chains

The completely enclosed saw unit features variable cutting geometry capable of cutting up to 650mm wide and 200mm high, fitted with a 12 hp direct drive saw motor suitable for the densest of timber and pneumatic clamping to ensure the material is square at all times. The market leading Matrix push feed rack and pinion system has been enhanced to a 200mm high profile with additional linear bearings to enable weights up to 750 kg, without compromising on accuracy. The machine comes complete with a 1450 mm capacity automatic chain feed loading system. and available with an optional electronic work piece sorter and cross feed unit to remove the completed beams from the machine.

The saw is fitted with a slim-line industrial panel PC- a Beckhoff CP62XX with state of the art technology, high performance and Windows operating system.

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  • Heavy duty rack and pinion drive systems
  • 750kg Max feed weight
  • 12 hp self braking motor
  • 600mm diam saw blade
  • 650mm max cutting width (refer to chart)
  • 200mm max cutting height (refer to chart)
  • Pneumatic clamping
  • 1450mm wide chain feed loader
  • CE safety certification
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  • OPTI Package ( Length reading and full optimization )
  • Opti & Defect Package
  • Outfeed Table (per m)
  • Electronic Waste Trap
  • 18″ Outfeed Monitor
  • REAJET Inkjet Printer 12.7mm ( vertical )
  • REAJET Inkjet Printer 25.4mm ( vertical )
  • REAJET Inkjet Printer 38.1mm ( vertical )
  • REAJET Inkjet Printer 50.8mm ( vertical )
  • Direct Heat On Thermal Paper Label Printer
  • Heat Transfer On Paper Label Printer
  • Heat Transfer On Polypropylene Label Printer
  • REAJET Inkjet Printer 12.7mm ( horizontal )
  • REAJET Inkjet Printer 25.4mm ( horizontal )
  • REAJET Inkjet Printer 38.1mm ( horizontal )
  • REAJET Inkjet Printer 50.8mm ( horizontal )
  • Crossfeed sorter initial price
  • Price per additional meter
  • Steel stacking table per meter
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