STROMAB Woodworking Machinery Visit

As the exclusive importer; Macoser Inc, welcomes Stromab Woodworking Machinery.  Stromab being the manufacturer of pendulum saws, radial arm saws, up-cut saws and fully automated cutting, boring and milling systems, offers a large range of equipment to the United States.

Stromab Woodworking Machinery is the producer of the cut-off saw that automatically cuts varying angles through a CNC controlled rotating blade.  Stromab saws change angles (miters) according to the programming, which offers maximum output via five criteria for optimization or chalk defecting.  These machines can also include out-feed kickers for sorting parts by length and in-feed cross-transfer, freeing labor to perform other tasks.

Stromab Woodworking Machinery recently introduced the CAT.1 automatic optimizing and defecting cutting center with the newest software available.  At 787 feet per minute and accuracy to .004 inches, this is destined to be an industry leader.

Blox is the dynamo of the Stromab product line cutting, milling and boring lumber into processed interlocking log home kits.   Computer control and a pusher system automates the process to requiring manpower to load and unload only.  With all Stromab equipment; safety meets the rigorous standards of Europe.

Having Stromab Woodworking Machinery visiting Macoser, Inc is very exciting and we look forward to the opportunities Stromab has to offer.