STROMAB WS.1 Feed-Through Defecting Saw

Offering 396 FPM speed and improved cut quality by utilizing nylon hold-down rollers and steel serrated feed rollers as seen on most moulders. Roller pressure flattens small warped or cupped parts for straight cuts.

Identifying material’s unwanted area using crayons allows the camera to isolate and quickly remove each section.

Fully designed and manufactured in Italy from one of the largest saw manufacturers. 2-Sided loading matches the time needed for marking and loading of WS.1 to match the cutting capacity of the saw.

Ideal tool for cutting and defecting timber sections. Excellent tool for quick cutting pallet and crating parts.

Touchscreen interface allows quick entry of cut lists with fixed or sequential length cutting (with or without defecting). Up to 100 cut lists can be stored in memory for easy access.

The 14′ small footprint allows placement of the WS.1 where cutting is required, eliminating the expense of moving materials throughout the operation. The Stromab WS.1 is designed for locations near gang rip saws, moulders or dryers for immediate defecting and sizing waste materials. Applications include lamination, flooring or finger jointing.