Automatic Dovetail Machine F11 TS

Variable Pitch for Maximum Versatility with Low Cost productivity

Automatic Dovetail Machine Omec F11 TS

Automatic Dovetail Machine Omec F11TS takes the skill out of creating dovetails.  Answer a few questions on the touchscreen and it creates the dovetail that fits the drawer. Name and save the file and you’re repeating the drawer weeks later with 3 keystrokes.

Pitch is the distance from the center of a male pin to the center of the next male.  This is important because the Omec F11TS has VARIABLE PITCH, meaning the CNC controller, in automatic mode, changes the size of the dovetails to match the drawer height.  Without this ability you are limited to a narrow range of sizes or incomplete dovetails at the top or bottom. To correct this issue many manufacturer’s take the drawer back to the table saw and rip the protruding edges, unsightly and timely.

Loading on one side for simultaneous cutting of male and female parts, and pendulum processing while one corner (male and female part) is being dovetailed, the operator loads the other side.  Constantly moving to keep with the machine’s speed. This method allows 80+ drawers per hour depending on the operator.

Functions on the touchscreen include depth of cut, first joint location, score and tool size. Depth of cut allows cutting the female deeper to create a glue pocket and also eliminates post production sanding. First joint location places the first dovetail in the bottom drawer dado, removing the pinhole. Scoring is available, but not recommended as it slows the process considerably. Tool size allows you to adjust joint tightness, at .01mm increments, to get the best possible dovetail, removing the need for filler.

One dovetail bit makes the replacing process quick and easy. With only one bit needs sharpening, you’re saving a considerable amount of money.  Global tooling in the software means you only have to enter the new bit dimension (after sharpening or replacement) one time and it will automatically load into all +99 of your saved drawer dimension files.

Maintenance is the easy part, with the ball screw drive system and linear bearings, regular lubrication is all that’s required.

French, offset male and female, blind, through dovetails are some of the designs the machine is capable of creating. Corner drawers or curved drawer fronts are available with an optional tilting beam.