Macoser Inc is the EXCLUSIVE SERVICE in USA/Canada/Mexico for Duplomatic Automation complete line of high quality, precision engineered and manufactured tool indexing Turrets, tool drive systems, live tooling tool holders, and accessories.

Macoser Inc. specializes in rebuilding and repairing Duplomatic Automation Turrets. Our technicians are factory certified by Duplomatic Automation Italy. Understanding the principles behind Italian engineering has allowed our facility to undergo tasks of the utmost precision.

Maximizing the life of your CNC turning center requires knowledge of an extensive line of assembly procedures. We are the only Duplomatic Automation Service Center  in the World to own a Manufacturer Test Bench that allows inspection/final testing for all type of Duplomatic turrets.

This is what we offer:


  • Disassembly
  • Assessment of internal parts


  • Must be approved or declined by customer
  • If the estimate is approved, the work is done at the exact cost of the estimate​.
  • If the estimate is declined , we will charge the inspection fee and the turret  will be returned disassembled.


  • Replacement of seals and bearings
  • Replacement of any manufacturer genuine parts
  • Realignment
  • All turrets are tested with a Duplomatic Test Bench and run for several hours

All of Macoser, Inc. service work is backed with a six month limited warranty from the date of the invoice. It is not recommended for the customer to disassemble the unit for inspection for two reasons:  1. If the customer is trying to inspect the turret internal condition, he can disrupt or damage some parts, and 2. If the unit is sent to us for repair after this point, it is more timely and costly to reconfigure the unit.

Trusting your turret in the hands of an exclusive Service Center who is certified and a state of the art facility that will warranty the product is the best decision.

Service Department

P: 704-392-0110 ext. 116
F: 704-394-0410
E: info@macoser.com