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Macoser Woodworking Machinery

Saw Equipment

Stromab woodworking saws and clamps designed and manufactured in Italy for nearly 50 years; Includes a fully automatic combination radial arm saw. Cut-off saws with push-feed, defecting, through feed and rotating blade for pallet or furniture manufacture. One system offers a fully automatic process including angle cutting, milling and boring for the log home industry.

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Dovetail Machinery

Omec Dovetail Machinery for the woodworking industry. For 50 years Omec Machinery continues leading the drawer market with innovation. 18 Models of dovetail, glue, drawer clamps and recently hot stamping are designed to meet the needs of any size shop or plant. High-end or high production, single or three phase, Omec dovetail machinery is the right choice.

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Wood Chair Machinery

Camam wood chair machinery: Routing, shaping, mortising, drilling, sanding, assembly and milling equipment for the curved and angled components of wooden chairs, Producing curved seats, curved back panels, spindles, arms, supports and legs. Ideal equipment for repetitive small component processing, saving hours in manual labor. Camam combination machines cut, bore and shape wood in one process.

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Nailing & Palleting

Our several years of experience in manufacturing machines to process wood and the incessant technological research aimed at improving and perfecting productive processes have brought Delta Srl to grow over time, to the point of becoming a leader in its industry. Delta can offer a complete service for the production of pallets, thanks to a range of complete nailing lines, single nailing machines, pack-cutting and block-cutting machines.