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TAC CNX is a fully automatic machine that can cross cut straight or angled, coupled with a CNC vertical drilling unit and vertical hopper feed loading leading device. This means a combined operating cycle of feeding, drilling and cutting with no manual operator intervention. The TAC can also just be used for crosscutting if so required. The saw unit cutting angle automatically adjusts to the required angle from the program, while the drilling group is controlled in 3 axis with a 5 spindle point to point head. Programming is quick and simple thanks to the integrated color graphic touch screen controller. The saw and drilling units are both located in an enclosed safety cabin with electrically interlocked doors, this giving the operator the highest level of protection. The machine is ideal for cutting and drilling for sofa / chair frame rails / parts, general furniture parts, plastics and / or aluminum extrusions.

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  • Heavy duty thick steel mono bloc frame electro welded
  • Automatic vertical loading system with length capacity up to 3000mm (longer on request)
  • Feeding via self centering grippers
  • Special grippers to allow loading of / feeding of 2 pieces together (on top of each other)
  • Automatic step advancement movements of the material to be drilled / cut controlled by the NC on the X axis
  • Programmable movement from 1 to 1050mm, advancement speed max 60 mt/min (adjustable)
  • Special ‘macro’ for back movement of the piece for material saving
  • Outfeed motorised exit conveyor belt for cut / drilled parts 600mm long x 75mm wide
  • Saw unit with 4kw motor/ 2800mm adjustable through inverter up to 4000 rpm
  • Automatic rotation of the sawblade +/- 60 degrees controlled by the CN
  • 5 spindle in line vertical point to point drilling unit controlled on 3 axis by CN
  • Easy programming with dedicated software with 12″ screen an operator interface
  • Total protection of the the working cabin, interlocked doors with inspection windows
  • In conformity with CE safety rules


  • Length feeding in one operation 1 to 1000mm (can be increased by setting more positioning steps of the loader
  • Width 10 to 200mm cutting at 90 degrees
  • Width 10 to 150mm cutting at 34 degrees
  • Thickness 10 to 80mm
  • Productivity approx 3 seconds per operation (feeding, drilling, cutting = 9 seconds)
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  • Horizontal infeed loading and outfeed sorting system. Price on request.
  • Special configuration drill gearbox. Price on request.
  • Longer loading capacity. Price on request.
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