Omec ICA600

Automatic gluing for drawers high production

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the Omec ICA600 automatic gluer will greatly increase speed and reduce manpower in the drawer work cell. The greatest benefit is the consistent application of adhesive on each pin or pocket, eliminating messy clean-up, waste and poor glue joints.

Load the hopper and it glues both ends of two panels (male or female), then conveys parts to out-feed.  Components and gluer sit idle until the pieces are removed by the operator. Once the piece is removed, the machine runs the cycle again, keeping parts ready for assembly.

Ease of Operation

Setup is loading the hopper,entering data into the Touch-Screen, adjusting the outer fences and aiming the glue guns.

CNC Control: ICA600 CNC Control determines glue placement and quantity so you have the right amount every time, every dovetail, every box.

Touch-Screen Interface: Omec ICA 600 allows ease of inputting dimensions and setting control parameters.

Memory: File memory offers the ability to store a glue patterns including quantity released, distance apart and overall product width.

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Omec ICA600 Automatic gluing for drawers high production


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