Salvamac LEGEND 500


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Constructed with thick, reinforced steel and completely protected with resilient paint, the LEGEND 500 provides Salvamac’s most powerful wood cutting solution with a 7 HP blade motor at 2,750 rpm, turning a 500 mm (19.7″) blade.The Legend 500 is ideal for working with wood measuring up to 125 mm (4.92″) thick and 310 mm (12.20″) wide. Cuts up to 375 mm  (14.76”)  are available with optional equipment. Additionally, the Legend 500 seamlessly integrates with the SalvaStop_100 electronic stop, facilitating pushing, stopping, and precise positioning of profiles to be cut. Elevate performance and safety by creating a SalvaStop Combo, combining the LEGEND 500 with the SalvaStop_100 for enhanced accuracy and efficiency in classic saw models.

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Technical Data

Blade Motor Power
7 hp
Saw Diameter / Shaft
500 mm / 35 mm
Saw spindle rotation speed
2800 rpm
Max cutting width
310 mm/12.20" (with 50 mm/1.96"height)
Max cutting height
125 mm/4.92" (with 220 mm/8.66" width)
Working heigh
900 +- 20 mm
Saw dust extractor
1-120mm / 1-100mm
Air supply pressure
6-8 bar
220/400/3/60 hz
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  • Hard steel construction
  • Flanged feet for machine anchoring
  • Upper pneumatic hood with electro-pneumatic management
  • two button control for max safety
  • Adjustable cutting speed
  • Sliding bearings with double anti-dust protection and automatic lubrication
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